Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Wish

I wish, I wish, I wish
I wish I could have yesterday
I wish I could have planned again
I wish there was a different order to things
Oh how much change that would have made

Love comes at us and takes us in one big sweep
Love, oh how sweet a feeling
Love the language of trust, respect and gratitude
Gratitude for one more chance
To live a life of colour and beauty

And then when the dividends come
All you can do is wonder
Wonder how love can make us do things
And not even give a thought to the outcomes
But, how can we know

Can love make you cry?
Can love drive away your fears?
Can love give you hope and assurance?
Can it make you doubt yourself?
Yes! Love can do all these things

So, I ask for the one thing that will make it count
Strength to keep believing even in doubt
Even with no assurance
Even when there's no one to understand
Strength to be my own shoulder

At the end, all that matters
Is how much we make it count
And lived to the fullest of our potential
Amidst the doubt, fear and hopelessness
This is true living