Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Wish

I wish, I wish, I wish
I wish I could have yesterday
I wish I could have planned again
I wish there was a different order to things
Oh how much change that would have made

Love comes at us and takes us in one big sweep
Love, oh how sweet a feeling
Love the language of trust, respect and gratitude
Gratitude for one more chance
To live a life of colour and beauty

And then when the dividends come
All you can do is wonder
Wonder how love can make us do things
And not even give a thought to the outcomes
But, how can we know

Can love make you cry?
Can love drive away your fears?
Can love give you hope and assurance?
Can it make you doubt yourself?
Yes! Love can do all these things

So, I ask for the one thing that will make it count
Strength to keep believing even in doubt
Even with no assurance
Even when there's no one to understand
Strength to be my own shoulder

At the end, all that matters
Is how much we make it count
And lived to the fullest of our potential
Amidst the doubt, fear and hopelessness
This is true living

Monday, 13 February 2017


As hot as fire
As discerning as the wise old one
As soothing as a balm
As calming as the gentle breeze
So is your love to me

Every time you touch me
There's never been any touch better
Every time we kiss
The world glows when my eyelids part
And when you hold me
No other place is more comforting

My love, My friend
My joy, My inspiration
You're my reason to live again
You're the reason love is real
You're the very essence of love
You're the reason I understand the Father better

This love that we share
There's nothing to compare
'Tis like Revelation to me
Like wine made from the best grapes
Like a furniture from the finest wood
Never going stale

And against all odds
Even when you don't feel or see it
Be rest assured that what we have is true
Not a fight, a misunderstanding, a stranger
Can stop me from hanging on to the hope
That we will find ourselves again

If love was perfume
My heartbeat!
I'll lavish mine on you
Till every single drop is gone
You'll ever be
In this heart of mine

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Love Unalloyed

Life has been quite interesting. Over the past two months I have learnt that life is more multi-dimensional than it actually seem. I've seen troubles, I've seen pains, I've experienced weakness, I've had the feeling that I was just inches away from death. Notwithstanding, I've experienced peace amidst the troubles, relief for my pains, strength when I should be most overwhelmed with weakness and a reason to live for each new day. It is not much of a testimony to other people, but, each time I remember the details of each day that has passed by, tears well up in my eyes in appreciation of God's goodness to me. And, yes, to my family also. I am all that I am because He is with me.

Even in my times of unfaithfulness, God has found me worthy of His matchless love. How humbled and naked I feel each time I go into His presence to seek His face. I wonder to myself, "how can One know your shortcomings so well and yet love you so unalloyed?". Even I do not have the answer to such a question.

A friend once asked, "does love really make you do things without reason?" Before I could answer, another friend of mine said, "Yes, as long as it is an unalloyed kind of love". I was about to say, "not always", when he cited an example I will only try very hard to forget but may never suceed at it. He said, "the purest kind of love is the love of a sinless for sinners that made him willing to die on a cross as a payment for their sins. Yet, this sinless man, Jesus, went ahead, without reason, while he was being taunted on the cross to say, "forgive them for they know not what they do". What love can be a better example?" In his opinion, as long as it is pure love, there is always no justification or reasons for acts done in love. I just had to throw the towel in and agree with him. Yes, I actually did! I concluded that, if we truly love those we love, they do not need to be good for us to be good to them. All we need is love.

Let us love like our very existence depended on it. Give like it is the only way our needs can be provided. And live like we may die the next minute. Above all, having a thankful heart goes a long way in filling our hearts with joy always!

Friday, 30 December 2016


I have noticed one very interesting about everything natural, as long as it's not vacuum, cause vacuum in itself is natural. You're probably wondering what is so natural about vacuum. Well, you don't need any effort to create vacuum. Vacuum, another word for "vacant" or "void", just exists by itself. That aside, I'm not talking about vacuum today (topic for another day). Wikipedia has actually covered that part.

Back to nature, it's so refreshing and occupying that you will not notice time pass by and fast too. Life is just so beautiful. Or shall i say natural? We are so blessed to have nature.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


It's the end of the year and a time to be thankful. It's not easy to be thankful when it seems like you're always messing up. When you’re always the villain and others are always the victim. Especially at times when the people who you're with say they love and appreciate you but don't even make an extra effort to show you just how much.

How can one be thankful in such a situation?

While I want to write a really long list of things I am thankful for cause the Bible asks that we be thankful no matter what the world throws at us, I will briefly as much as I can think of start and end it somewhere.

Here goes:
Things I'm thankful for:
1. For life. Oxygen is expensive,yet I get it free.
2. For sound mind. I could have gone crazy but I'm here.
3. For strength. I don't know where it comes from but I just keep going.
4. For intellect.

5. For Aremo. The one I'm stuck to forever.
6. For Ayomikun. The one reason for me to keep going. I feel like I'm just 'undeservingly' blessed. Perfect his Healing Lord.
7. For provision.
8. For my brother and sister.
9. For my mum and dad.
10. For the Word of God. My companion in a long time.
11. That all my limbs, cells and organs are in good condition.
12. That even when I go berserk on my husband I still have the common sense not to go to bed angry.
13. That I have a job. Though I've not exactly been an example of the perfect employee.
14. For showing me how irrelevant I am in making things right.
15. For having a reason at all to be thankful.

I didn't think I'd write this much so I guess there are actually reasons to keep going on.